Double Weave 2-for-1 Scarves


German On-line Study Group "Fadenwechsel"

Fadenwechsel created an exchange for the woven lace. Two members followed my idea of using doubleweave to weave these lightweight scarves:

Scarves and Photos by Brigitte Liebig

Yarn: wool/linen (65/35); Sett: 12 epcm (~30 epi)

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Log Cabin Plain Weave + 2/2 Twill
White dummy threads in weft

Washed and fulled

Basket Weave + Plain weave

Basket Weave with Steps

Plain Weave + 3/1 Twill

Draft for Plain Weave + 2/2 Twill

Scarves and Photos by Hildburg Langen

Yarn: Merino 30/2; Sett: 12 epcm (~30 epi)

Two layers of plain weave, same color.
Yellow dummy threads in warp.

Draft for plain weave, 6H, 4T,
two shuttles

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