Circles and Squares

If you read HANDWOVEN you may have seen my article "Two-for-one scarves in lazy lacy doubleweave!" in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue. The article describes the technique of weaving two scarves at the same time. One is red/white, one is blue/green. They were woven as double weave, then washed, then separated. Amazingly, it is a 4-H weave.

There is also a smaller copper/grey/white scarf that is unusual. It is woven as double weave, left selvedges open, right selvedges sometimes connected. In the end it gives us one scarf with two separate layers at the ends, and double width in the center.

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Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr, Wool/Silk.


This idea caught on with people in a German study group called "Fadenwechsel". Two members used this double weave technique to create many lightweight scarves for an exchange.

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Circles and Diamonds

I liked the idea of my double weave technique so much I had to try another pair of scarves. This time I used very thick wool, sett at 10 epi. The blue-blue layer is woven in plain weave, the green-white-yellow layer is 2-2-twill. Naturally the plain weave blocks get to be bigger. As a result the twill blocks are smaller and the holes are pointy.

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Then I wanted to know how this pattern comes out if I use Jaggerspun Zyphyr (wool/silk). The sett is 24 epi for the log cabin plain weave blocks (ruby/turquoise), 28 epi for the twill blocks (elderberry/apricot/daffodil):

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