... or: playing with little squares.

The patterns shown here are special cases of shadow weave. All patterns have been composed using squares of horizontal and vertical lines. Log Cabin is one such example, and it can be woven on two harness looms.

The patterns here use six or more harnesses. A threading for 8 harnesses will allow you to generate 64000 patterns, clearly only some will be of interest. Here are some of my designs.



6 H


M or W
8 H


One Big Ball
6 H


6 H


Nested squares
8 H


M and W
8 H


Two Balls
8 H


Pin Wheel
8 H


8 H


I developed a program (Java Applet) called "The Square Designer" that lets you find those patterns. You can use it to recreate the patterns above and create your own designs using 8, 16 or more shafts. Clearly, more shafts give you more posibilites. You can start the program right here by pushing the square button below.



  The program will also show you the threading, tie-up, and treadling when you click on "Show Draft".



Some of the pattern have been published:

Handwoven of May/June 2002 had an article called "Weaver's Potluck" describing a project of my guild, The Black Sheep Handweavers Guild. We created a handmade book, "A Book of Days", which has two pages for each month. The article shows a picture of the month of April which contains a woven sample of the pattern "Butterfly".
I also wove several silk scarves using combinations of patterns. Two of the scarves are featured in
"Handwoven's Design Collection 19" by Interweave Press:

   Scarves and Shawls for All Seasons   - Lavender Shadows Scarves

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