Frequently Asked Questions


Q:   Why does your software not run on my computer?
A:   Ironically if you downloaded the Windows version and it gives you one of the messages listed below you should try the Unix version. It seems to work now (2009).

My software is implemented in Java and runs on machines that support Java. These include machines running Microsoft Windows (95 and newer), and many flavors of Unix including MacOS X10 (v10.2 and newer).

Later versions of Microsoft Windows do not have Java installed because Microsoft does not support Java any more. Specifically Windows XP does not come with the Java Virtual Machine (Java VM) installed. You will see an error message like:

   Unable to start the application. The Microsoft virtual machine cannot
   be found. Class not registered.


   Unable to start the application. Invalid class resource.
   Unexpected failure.

The solution is to install the Java VM. You can download the Java VM from

If you are unclear of what to do you should call the support hotline of your computer vendor. Tell them that you try to run a Java application.

A remote possibility is that your computer has been damaged by a virus. In this case you may have to reload the OS over the top of your OS. It won't change any settings you have now, and will fix any corrupted .dll files which it sounds like may be the problem. Some one using the computer probably downloaded or loaded some software while the virus software was enabled. You need to be certain the virus software is disabled, and when you are asked if you want to keep a "newer" copy of any .dll files (recommended by Microsoft) tell them no, to load the file from the disk.

If you are a techie and you may want to check out Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Support.

Q:   How can I print a design?

A:   The current release counts on system functions for printing. You have two choices:
  1. From the menubar, pull down the "File" menu and select "Print".
  2. Take a screen shot. You can store it away, or print it.
Q:   Is there a way that I participate?
A:   I welcome your feedback. If you find a bug or want to suggest a new feature, send me mail.
If you have a nifty design, attach the design file (which is small) or a jpg (which is larger) to your email. I may add it to the library.
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