Card Weaving and Andean Sling Braids

Andean sling braids are typically square braids. Their structure is a three dimensional twining structure, where warp becomes weft and weft becomes warp again.

If a square braid is made with 32 threads, a single side may have the appearance of a card woven band made with four cards. Therefor the card weaving software can be used to develop ideas for sling braiding. This page shows models of card weaving and photos of corresponding sling braids.

There are similarities and there are differences between card weaving and sling braiding, even on the surfaces. Similarities are emphasized in #1 and #2, differences in #3 and #4.

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1 Java Applet -  Sling Braid Photo of sling braid. The loops for this sample and the samples in #2 were woven with three cards and four weft threads.
2 Java Applet -  Sling Braid Pattern of diamonds, spirals and meanders are often seen in sling braids. Photo of sling braid. If you take a close look you can see an offset by one weft thread at the corner of the braid.
3 Java Applet -  Sling Braid

This model represents a simple card woven band using four colors in the middle section. Changing the cards' turning sequence creates a zig-zag pattern of smooth lines. The reversal points generate the typical long floats, threads going over three weft threads. No surprise here.
4 Java Applet -  Sling Braid Reproducing the four color band as a sling braid is only straightforward in the first section, up to the reversal points.

After changing the braiding direction, the twist changes but the color sequence stays the same thus generating broken lines. There are no long floats.(It took some fudging to get the model the way it looks.) Photo of four-color sling braid.

It is possible to braid a pattern very similar to model #3 but it will be necessary to divert threads from their original position.

The following books offer information on Andean Sling braiding:

  • Ed Franquemont: "Cloth - The Andean Art"
  • Rodrick Owen: "BRAIDS - 250 Patterns from Japan, Peru & Beyond"
  • Adele Cahlander: "Sling Braiding of the Andes"

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